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        The Dark Side

        Sue’s ‘Dark Side’ look is set in a period townhouse; the theme revolves around dark décor, recurring motifs and oriental accoutrements in jewel colours which bring warmth to the moody, atmospheric setting. Eastern-inspired pottery, lighting and faux blooms, such as orchids, tie the theme together with ease.

        Sitting Room

        The Dark Side - Sitting Room

        Large bay windows allow plenty of light into the sitting room, making the living area look atmospheric rather than overcast. Colourful cushions punctuate the ink-blue surroundings in Sue’s ‘Dark Side’ sitting room. The oriental influences, featured across every room in the townhouse, are evident; a beautiful coffee table with a lattice pattern catches the eye of the viewer.

        Dining Room

        The Dark Side - Dining Room

        Get acquainted with one of the darkest rooms in the townhouse. Paint as deep as the night sky, dark wooden pieces (such as the Peking Cabinet) and plush velvet chairs draw attention to the pale pink orchids. Small table lamps keep the dining room dimly lit and intimate. Touches like this make the ‘Dark Side’ dining room the optimum location for hosting a decadent dinner party.


        The Dark Side - Snug

        Sue has chosen a bold colour scheme for her snug. Daring jewel shades of jade, fuchsia and chartreuse bring vibrancy to this dark and dramatic space. Striped cushions -a recurring motif in the townhouse- sit on a large neutral corner sofa, which beautifully complements the dark décor and bright accessories.

        The Dark Side - Snug

        Master Bedroom

        The Dark Side - Master Bedroom

        This light coloured bedroom is a stark contrast to the dark and mysterious tone of the rest of the townhouse. Sue has designed the bedroom with the view that it was to be comfortable whilst echoing opulence and elegance. Predominantly, the room is white, but gold and wood accents are placed in the room for detail without detracting from the tranquil setting.