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        The Coast Is Clear

        Pack your bags and take a trip with us to this Antiguan villa. Nestled on the shores of the Caribbean island, it's a home designed for sitting back, relaxing and taking in the stunning coastal landscape.

        Sitting Room

        The Coast Is Clear - Sitting Room

        In this sitting room, the view takes centre stage, framed by two, striking, classical pillars, the symmetry of which dictates the rest of the design. Pairs of armchairs, sofas, cushions and lamps create a cohesive look, inviting you to sit down and take in the tranquil surroundings. In homage to the landscape, we used a nautical palette of blues and naturals, and added a touch of glamour with intricate shell lamps and beaded cushions.


        The Coast Is Clear - Terrace

        Now, this is what you call a room with a view: all you can see for miles is the sky and ocean (and perhaps the occasional sea turtle). Little decoration was needed, except for a few glass pieces and a pair of hurricane lanterns that allow you to enjoy this romantic dining area until well after dark.


        The Coast Is Clear - Bathroom

        In keeping with the rest of the home, the bathroom epitomises laid back luxury. Mirrored furniture adds an opulent element whilst rattan storage brings a natural, rustic edge. The space is designed to ensure that guests can make themselves at home: there’s plenty of space for towels, perfumes and other essentials.

        The Coast Is Clear - Bathroom