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        Summer Around The World

        This season our design inspirations have come from Morocco, Italy and Mexico and we show you how to incorporate themes from these different countries into your home. We’ve created three unique outdoor spaces based on these exotic destinations, along with a summery festival-themed look, set in an English country garden, which is complete with patterned floor cushions, candles and elegant picnicware.

        British Festival Feeling

        Summer Around The World - British Festival Feeling

        Who needs a muddy field and a soggy tent when you can host a festival from the comfort of your own back garden? Fill your al fresco space with some of our sumptuous floor cushions, elegant coffee tables and stylish melamine pieces. Dish out punnets of strawberries and cream, top up our acrylic glasses with lashings of ice-cold Pimms and have a barbeque on the go, just in case your guests require refreshments after all of the dancing.

        Bellissimo Italia

        Summer Around The World - Bellissimo Italia

        A country soaked in sun, famed for its delicious food, stunning scenery and relaxed vibe, Italy is the perfect choice for a memorably magnificent holiday. Our Acanthus Table is ideal for communal dining and together with the Curlicue Chandelier, they pepper the balcony with a little Italian glamour, which is tied together by the curtains and decorative urns. Take a seat, sink into the comfortable cushions and watch the world go by - glass of rosé in hand.

        Souk It Up

        Summer Around The World - Souk It Up

        Explore the sites, see the souks and spend the night unwinding in this magical garden. This beautiful entertaining area, made up of several velvet cushions and a large rug, is a peaceful escape, necessary after taking in all that Morocco has to offer. Known as the 'The Rose City', the cultural mecca plays host to astounding architecture which paints a romantic picture when paired with a deep pink wall, the faux flowers, delicate glassware and parade of candles.