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        Down By The Lake

        Designed by Bruce MacArthur, creator of our instore visual experience, this spacious home sits on the shores of idyllic Lake Geneva. Given the setting, it felt only right to incorporate nautical elements throughout the house; the classic colour palette of navy blue and white was given a softer, playful update with maritime prints and decorative corals.

        Sitting Room

        Down By The Lake - Sitting Room

        Having a sense of balance is key for a harmonious space and this was particularly important to Bruce when decorating this sitting room. He created a focal point with the large sofa and the yacht print that sits above it, then used matching armchairs, side tables and lamps as a frame. Another consideration here was the seasonality of Lake Geneva, with balmy summers and icy winters, the sitting room in particular had to work all year round; the hints of gold and bronze across the room subtly warm it up without compromising the refined feel.