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        Dining Rooms

        Countless breakfasts, brunches and Sunday roasts are spent around the dining table, therefore it’s crucial to choose dining room decoration that suits your space and lifestyle. As you’ll see from the dining room design ideas below, the possibilities are endless. We’ve got plenty of interior design ideas for a dining room, whether you’re looking to create a modern dining space or pine for a rustic living area, complete with distressed oak furniture and comfortable, hand-woven seat cushions.

        Master Pieces

        Dining Rooms - Master Pieces

        True to a Dutch still life painting, this dining room has a simple layout and uses only a few key pieces. Your eye is instantly drawn to the hanging light, a modern-day chandelier that brightens this scheme like a moon does the night sky. Two rich velvet Stafford Chairs feature, along with a matching bench which seats up to four people, making the space perfect for family dinners and intimate suppers.

        Dining Rooms - Master Pieces

        Dining Rooms - Master Pieces

        Set In Stone

        Dining Rooms - Set In Stone

        This bold and gold dining area is generous in size but still manages to feel intimate. The floors and stone-effect walls are very simple – the drama comes from the height of the room. The gilded accents, along with covers on the chairs, helps to create a smart aesthetic.

        Second Nature

        Dining Rooms - Second Nature

        Lucinda included a combination of delicate and bold motifs in her dining area, as too many patterns of the same size can overpower a room. It's not just the table that's decorated: the entire look is filled with interesting objects that could hail from a French antiques market or Chinese auction house. In terms of colours, the dining room deviates from the rest of the home, serving up soft shades of ochre and red.

        Calm & Collected

        Dining Rooms - Calm & Collected

        The floor and doors are key to this dining room: they give it an industrial edge. Our salvaged pine Winglefield Table was chosen especially as it’s legs match the matt black Crittall frames, complementing their aesthetic. The soft green upholstery and vases imbue the space with the sense of calm integral to Bruce’s look.

        Dining Rooms - Calm & Collected

        Take To The Hills

        Dining Rooms - Take To The Hills

        The shaded outdoor dining area really is the centre of the home. The tree trunk table makes such an impact, whether you use it inside or out. This area was entirely designed for comfortable entertaining, from the inbuilt seating covered in cushions, to the woven chairs. It is an informal and relaxed space but one that encourages a good time.

        Isle Be Here

        Dining Rooms - Isle Be Here

        In this dining room, Sue displayed a menagerie of pots in different shapes and sizes, to play on the Ancient Greeks’ love of pottery. She brought in a dash of red in the napkins, to add a little contrast and, of course, a beautiful faux olive tree – as every Greek home deserves.

        Woven in Nature

        Dining Rooms - Woven in Nature

        In her dining room, Annabel used plenty of rattan, rustic woods and soft-toned upholstery to create a relaxed aesthetic. This light colour scheme allowed her to incorporate plenty of vibrant patterns and tones when it came to the accessories. To echo the picturesque location, she furnished her dining room with abstract, nature-inspired prints and lots of green accents; the olive, emerald and mint shades really draw the eye.

        Castilian Character

        Dining Rooms - Castilian Character

        Relaxing, socialising and entertaining unite in this ambient, open-plan living space; the traditional patterned rug separates the dining area from the rest of the room. A fleet of blood orange velvet Stafford Chairs beautifully match the bold terracotta walls and the dining table is the same shade as the dark wood panelling framing the doors and windows in the look.

        Dining Rooms - Castilian Character