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        Calm & Collected

        The feature details of this newly refurbished south London townhouse – marble Victorian fireplaces, wood-panelled walls, parquet flooring and Crittall doors – are an important part of this interior scheme. With striking elements like these in play, it was all about enhancing them with subtle use of shape and colour. Clean lines offset curvaceous silhouettes, threads of colour from existing pieces and architecture are picked up and gently intertwined with complementary tones in each room. It’s a quintessentially British approach: artfully mixing eras and styles to create an elegant look, but one that isn’t precious – as soon as you step inside you want to kick off your shoes and sink into an armchair.


        Calm & Collected - Bedroom

        The modern furnishings in this room enhance its historical features: the traditional marble mantelpiece displays a pared-back wooden mirror that opens up the space, along with high, coved ceilings and large windows which offer an abundance of natural light. Calming blue, white and cream tones are used, with the coffee table, lighting and trinket bowls bringing in a dash of gold for contemporary opulence.

        Sitting Room

        Calm & Collected - Sitting Room

        The keyhole mirror, marble fireplace and patterned rug permeate the sitting room with classic flair whereas an asymmetric layout gives it a lived-in vibe. The soft colours and natural light draw you in, encouraging you to curl up on the sofa with one of the room's many coffee table books.

        Calm & Collected - Sitting Room

        Dining Room

        Calm & Collected - Dining Room

        The floor and doors are key to this dining room: they give it an industrial edge. Our salvaged pine Winglefield Table was chosen especially as it’s legs match the matt black Crittall frames, complementing their aesthetic. The soft green upholstery and vases imbue the space with the sense of calm integral to Bruce’s look.

        Calm & Collected - Dining Room